Stefan Monitor Audio UK

Silver 6

January 2017

I just bought a pair of Silver 6 and the Silver W12 sub. What an amazing sound!! When writing this I'm listening to Fourplay with Michael McDonald on "My love is leaving". The presence and clarity are outstanding. When the bass comes in, you can simply touch the music. I also realized that this setup allows you to listen to the music on low volume without losing anything. However, when you open the volume, the sound is simply spectacular.

Jonathan Smith Monitor Audio UK

Silver 6

June 2016

I have just purchased a pair of piano black Silver 6 speakers. They offer exceptional sound quality across the spectrum, with solid bass, wide soundstage and clarity that will bring a new appreciation to long forgotten music. They will be with me until the new model is available.

Arjen Andringa Monitor Audio UK

Silver 1

February 2016

I replaced my old JBL L set with the Monitor Audio Silver 1 for 2 reasons. 1 being my JBL L set is too big for my room, the other being the sound and design of the Silver 1. I sold the JBL L1 and put the Silver 1's on my shelf. They sound much clearer, can handle power a lot better than the JBL's and look MUCH. MUCH nicer. The design is beautiful.

They're very balanced. The highs never feel like they're ripping the hairs off your ears, the bass never makes you feel like they're small bookshelf speakers and the mids are spot on. They play metal, J-Pop, classic rock and symphonic music without sweating. I'm very impressed, and hope to have the budget to buy bigger Monitor Audio's next time.

Paul Elliott Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

October 2015

I'd purchased a Hegel H80 amp about a year ago and had the good fortune to hear the Silver 8s at the time paired with the amp and they caught my attention as a rather excellent set of speakers.

Circumstances changed since buying the amp for me, so I returned to audition the speakers again!

Now having had the 8s for a few months I'm in awe of the effortless music that my system now pours out. I love the delicate yet fulsome delivery of all sorts of music and I simply can't praise the Silver 8s enough paired with the H80. For me low level listening was important and these beauties are just as adept at rattling the windows as playing at low levels without loss of detail and poise. Very pleased indeed with the Silver 8s and have since bought Silver Centre speaker also.

Amit Mital Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

August 2015

I coupled the Silver 8s with a Rega Elex-R. I burned-in the speakers for a day - 24 hrs... I just can't stop listening to my Pink Floyds or alt-J or Mew collection....I made an intelligent choice across the audiophile space. So should everybody! Wow!!!!

peter wilson Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

March 2015

I bought the silver 10s to replace a pair of rogers ls7e I didn't think I would get the performance of the rogers but I was wrong when I run them in for about 500 hours the base was deep and solid and the highs of the tweeters is immensely projected and the mid range brings them all together for a great sound stage it doesn't mater if you listen to classical or thrash metal these speakers are a delight they were by far the best speakers under £2000 I tried and I tried a lot if your looking at speakers you must give these an audition you wont be disappointed

Luc Monitor Audio UK

Silver 1

February 2015

Worth bi-amping

Amir Mahmood Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

February 2015

I was originally looking at a pair of RX8s to install in my home cinema. After hearing that a new Silver line was to be released late 2013, I knew that I should wait for them. After hearing them at an in store demo, I was blown away at how spacious, clear and accurate these were. Within 30 minutes, I'd ordered the Silver 8s, Silver Centre and Silver RX surrounds.

After installation and running in they just sounded better and better. A year later, I'm still enjoying every moment of the high explosive movies, soft gentle acoustics and crystal clear pin drops!

I highly recommend the Silver 8s, amazing value for money. Mine are in gloss black. Not only to they look amazing, but they sound even better!

Jan Kranenburg Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2015

The Monitor Silver 8 in beautiful natural oak. Now 4 weeks at home, I'm surprised they sound better and better every day. Sparkling far above human hearing great pure mid to very low bass This sound is stunningly beautiful if you are running on low volumes and remains extremely stable and equally beautiful also on hard volumes My regular listening and compare all good brands with own CD's in many showrooms in the last years has led to the best audiophile purchase. I listen carefully to music of sometimes light classical to often heavy rock, from metal to gothic. Both high female voice - to deep male voice come purely from the speakers. You recognize any Instrument apart in the interplay. The timbre of wind instruments and string instruments is very well recognizable. Beautiful in and separate from the speakers and spread over the full width of the room. Never had such good bass lines in my room. Now I fall in love when I listen to Tarja (turunen) or other beautiful female voices. These speakers make every day enjoyable. And pick up the deepest emotion from my LP records. Thanks for such a good design and construction with such good parts, Well worth the price for the next 10 years or more. Listened to Onkyo TX-NR808, Pioneer PL-630 with Project Preamp, Onkyo BD-SP809 and Mede8er Med800X3D.

Simon Davies Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2015

I have just replaced my trusty old Silver 8i s with a gleaming piano black pair of Silver 8s. It as if a veil has been lifted! They keep getting better as they run in.. Wonderful midrange and great balance. They work brilliantly with my Naim Unitilite. Warmly recommended.

Robert Day Monitor Audio UK

Silver 1

September 2014

Let me first start by stating I'm a long term Monitor Audio fan, my previous speakers were BR5 Floor standers, damaged by my cat. I replaced them with a set of S1 stand mounts from my local dealer Audio T. It's early days yet but out of the box the S1 are outstanding, The detail and stereo image is outstanding, my worry was I would have the bass I require with the small S1 as my previous were the BR5. Worry no more the S1 are small but the bass is amazing with great timing and the S1 are just so coherent. they perform in all areas. They are simply a small stand mount punching above its weight. I choose the piano gloss black, the fit and finish is quiet simply astonishing when you consider the Price £500. Thank you Monitor Audio for again showing that class leading speakers do not have to cost the earth. I cant wait for a few months when they are run in and at their best.

Marvin Mason Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

March 2014

Wow! I listened to the Silver series and all were great, but the 10s blew me away. From the tight bass to the sparkling highs--every nuance is heard. They've got me going back through all my music to discover what I've been missing all along.

David Kerr Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

January 2014

After an audition yesterday at SSAV Exeter, I have just ordered these. They were up against Tannoy DCT 6SE (awful) and PMC Twenty 23. Simply left the others way behind in terms of range, colour and detail. They cope extra-ordinatily well with big and complex music like grand opera and Beethoven's 9th. Stunning with Pink Floyd too! Can't wait to get my hands on them next week. (AudioLab 8200CD + 8000S + 8000P)

Terry Hetzel Monitor Audio UK

Silver 10

December 2013

Wow, The new Silver RX10 looks great!!! Two 8 inchers was a great idea. Now if I can only figure out how to sell my RX2's and afford the 10's, I'll be good. I'm open to suggestions!

Clive Polles Monitor Audio UK

Silver 2

November 2013

I had the chance to listen to the silver 2 and I was blown away by their clarity and musicality they put my old loved rs6 floor standers to shame I had the RS6 5.1 package for more than 3 yrs now tried to change them went for the ASB soundbar wasn't a good experience now I know what to buy next and it's all made of silver thank you Monitor audio.

Adam Callingham Monitor Audio UK

Silver 8

October 2013

Heard these at the Home Tech Show in Norwich over the weekend. I have now ordered a pair. They were stunning!! Upgrading from Epos M22i. A massive jump in performance and from what I've heard in the past, a big improvement on the RX range.
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