Dan S Monitor Audio UK

Gold 100

February 2016

Fantastic! Refined, resolute and powerful enough to beat Silver 6 bass response.

S. Ibrahim Monitor Audio UK

Gold 300

February 2016

When your budget is £3000 on speakers, you will make sure the choice made is the right one. Researching online then spending 4hrs listening to different speakers with similar price range, I came to the conclusion the Monitor Audio Gold300 was for me. The detail of each instrument in the mix, open sound stage, the high frequencies beautifully blended with the mid-range, even at high volume levels sound was not harsh and the low end was low - very low, bass sounded excellent with detail not boomy at all. The closest to the Monitor Audio was the B&W CM10 S2, they sounded warmer but lack the detail and open sound field, the mid-range was not as good at the gold 300. The B&W are good speakers they came second, the clear winner was the gold 300, not only they are beautifully made, they sound awesome.

The speaker placement I have is 23cm from the back wall with 1.8 meters apart. I have had the speakers for just over a month and they are sounding better and better, the vocals sound like you have a centre speaker connected and the over detail improves with more warmth in the music. I used to have a subwoofer connected on my previous speakers for music as a 2.1 system, because it lack bass, not anymore as the bass extension is excellent on the gold. Connected to a Pioneer SC-LX series amplifier, the movies’ sound has so much detail with the sound feels very open, I am having to go through my movie collection again.

Previously owned other range of Monitor Audio, Kef, Mordaunt-Short and Paradigm speakers, the Gold 300 are the best sounding speakers I have ever had and for the price worth every penny. Very highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed, put these speakers on your list. I can go on and on and unfortunately not been paid by Monitor Audio for this review they just sound awesome.

Dany Monitor Audio UK

Gold 200

October 2015

By far the best quality for their price money can buy!

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